Established in 2005, Karmic Breeders has come a long way in the Yorkshire Terrier breeding game.

Initially the idea was to have only one little Yorkie, just as a loving pet. Mickey,

the owner here at Karmic Breeders,

grew so very fond of the little guy that she just had to have more. This was the start of something big.


As time went by, Mickey's love grew for the Yorkshire Terrier, as did her doggy entourage,

eventually scaling that of something she could turn into a business. From then on,

she decided that she was going to breed only the best of Yorkshire Terriers

and do her utmost best to put them into loving homes.


Having to know absolutely everything about the Yorkshire Terrier,

Mickey then enrolled with Hill's in order to further her knowledge about the Yorkshire Terrier,

which it most certainly did. And now Mickey sits with a large breeding facility,

with Yorkshire Terriers of the highest quality and biggest hearts.

Not only does Mickey have Traditional Yorkshire Terriers to offer,

but all their variations too, such as the adorable Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier,

the stunning Sabel Yorkshire Terrier, the highly valued Gold Yorkshire Terrier

and... Exotic breeds such as the Adda Yorkshire Terrier,

the Biro Yorkshire Terrier, the beautiful Biewer Yorkshire Terrier and soon to be available,

the Merle Yorkshire Terrier.


However, we don't want to keep everyone stuck here reading for too long,

so if you have any further questions, check out

and give any one of us a call and we'll be more than happy to answer anything

and everything you have to ask!

why be without the perfect team behind it to guide it through the daily tasks required

to get it to the very top. Here at Karmic Breeders, not only do we breed the best,

but we're run by the best too.